Get results.

Through our radio and digital platforms.

Media Strategy

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.  As marketing experts, we're very familiar with this.  We are media strategists first and foremost and will conduct a comprehensive marketing overview of your message and marketing strategy to make sure everything is in line and performing before we ever recommend a product or service.


Social Marketing

With a combined audience of over 140,000 followers on our Facebook platform, we can help your brands get social.  Check out how content marketing or our sponsored videos can help your brand gain traction, find new customers, and increase your social media following on your own platforms.


Digital Marketing

We have a huge tool box of digital marketing services we can offer you - from video marketing, to content marketing services,, to audio/video campaigns on our live stream services.  We have the tools to create both on-air and on-line campaign messages that will get your business the results you are looking for. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a specialty of ours.  We create a professionally made and visually enticing video produced about your event or business that is highly shareable. What we aim for is your video to go viral on a local level. Not only do we distribute your video on each of our platforms so your video is not only create but seen, but you get to keep the video!


Radio Advertising

Rock 95 and 107.5 Kool FM are two of the most well recognized, reliable, and long standing brands in Simcoe County.  Our team of marketing professionals can help you create an advertising message that stands out and amplify that message on the number one and two radio stations in Simcoe County.



Coming up with content ideas can be tricky and time consuming.  In addition to the time it takes, sometimes you may not have that large of an audience to share it with.  Not only do we create content that attracts customers ideal for your business, we amplify that content on our social and web platforms to a massive audience.  It's a pretty little package of creation and distribution all in one!


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